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MTB Friuli: let's find out

mtb friuli percorsi per bici The MTB Friuli YouTube channel: the mountain adventures, the group's routes, the just done initiative and everything that will happen!
Watch and share the MTB Friuli trailer!

mtb friuli percorsi per bici Additionally, the MTB Friuli group interview at the 12th episode of Xtrim People show, "overcome our limits!",
on air Tuesday Marc 14th, 2017 on CafèTV24 channel.
Another interview, now in our language, the one we speak when biking: on Onde Furlane a deepened interview
by Pauli Cantarut on "Ator ator" channel, in streaming available.

Riding bike together

You are MTB Friuli!

MTB Friuli's team, Franz and Simone who you will know soon, spents his time for building, managing, updating the website with trails, descriptions and much more.
The basic team idea is reported in the home page, mainly "share experiences", riding together, looking all to the same landscape, as taking effort as the others, beside you along the uphill.
For this reason MTB Friuli organizes group rides, that you find in the schedule page.


mtb friuli percorsi per bici In my mind biking is a moment, an occasion, a way to split from daily routine; for this reason I prefer most the two days travels. These routes are a separation to daily reality, a moment to escape from every day thoughts, weights and loads. Much better, when from the start to the end of the path you are only surrounded by nature, bounded in its quiet and silent atmosphere.

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

My weekly life is a mix of office and travels about radiotherapy across Italy. My environment is IT and support. During evening instead I spend time on mountaineering, energy, nature and countryside items.

Weekend are dedicated to trekking, running and MTBing, of course. I started to ride mountain bike when I was 14 years old - instead of scooter - with "la Bici" (the Bike), a custom-made bike by F. Colledani, San Daniele del Friuli. A lot of mountains done but mainly on tarmac.
And after, SantaCruz, knowns as "Tori", an all-mountain to exceed the previous limitations.


mtb friuli percorsi per bici MTB found me out when I was just 18 years old, after some other sports: I never succeeded on staying quiet and still.
At the first mountain tour with Francesco, without any experience, I've added to my diary one of the falls that I'll never forget. I refused to hear anything about bikes and mtb for more than one year. After that, the desire of a ride has returned, stronger and more motivated than before. So, after saving some money and searching everywhere for used bikes, following suggestions and opinions, I've got my first SantaCruz, that's still my bike.

With a lot of friends I share my passion for bike in all its kinds, from road bike to all mountain. I think it's an interesting way to spend time together. Additionally, I've a descreet interested in photography, even if I do it amateur way. In the rest of the time I work in Environmental and Civil Engineering, even if now unfortunately my job led me so far from our mounts. Cooperation goes on anyway and support for website and project MTB Friuli let me stay close to our Region splendors.