• October 29th, 2016

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

Path, direction, suggestion


More than the half of Cividale del Friuli - Montefosca - Ravosa track is common to third stage of ConTOUR FVG.
Departing from Cividale del Friuli city, you will ride soon into Natisone Valleis, leaving the residential area and getting into the inner and wild mountains, called pedemontana. You will gain altitude and visual: soon before reaching Subit village you will see all the Friuli Plain. After, a descent in hills area and so alongside wood and wineyard. The arrival is inside Cividale city center, amazing and well kept Unesco city.

Trail begins in Resistenza Square, just out of Cividale del Friuli wall.
First track part is on tarmac and dirt road with low slopes, good for a warm up. So, you get close to Natisone River, that you can see below you on the left. With a small descent and an uphill on tarmac you reach Ponte San Quirino village bridge.
After the bridge you turn right. Will follow a track part along secondary road, passing through Vernasso and Tarcetta villages.

The 180-degree left turn is the first uphill begin, a medium slope up to Antro village. At South the already done track, at North-East the Matajur Mount, which you will see for all the uphill. You turn right close to the village church; on the left the famous San Giovanni dell'Antro cavern.
The uphill goes on with middle slope on wide tarmad passing through Dorbolì, Pegliano and Cocianzi villages, gaining altitude and view on Friuli Plain.
At Cocianzi village first 180-degree turn, you go straight passing to dirt road and arriving to a crossroad, proceeding on the right with a light descent. A uphill and descent mix on dirt road will bring you to Goregnavas village. You continue entering in the wild forest, out of civilization. Wood and silence are the only things surrounding you.

First an uphill and after a descent into a cold area. At small bridge is the begin of the medium-high slope uphill to Montefosca old town.
Exiting from the village you go on along the uphill on the Joanaz Mount North side arriving to this trail max elevation point. After, a tarmac descent will bring you to Piano di Fraccadice place, where you will find a farm/bar with a deers farrel.

A new uphill arrives: a ford and after the uphill on a dirt road which gives you a view to Musi Mounts, Torre Valley, Stol and Canin Mounts Groups. Reached a saddle, you pass from the North to the South mount side. Watching now the Friuli Plain, you arrive to Subit village riding on tarmac road descent. Straight part and turns make this descent funny.

Close to valley bottom and before the Malina Stream bridge, you turn right passing to a dirt road along the river. Arrived to Attimis town, you turn left; just a small section on tarmac up to Case Piccole place. Turn right, soon the road will become dirt inside wood and wineyards. A ford let you reach the plain close to Ravosa town.
A mix of dirt and tarmac road brings you to Cividale city. You will travel in parallel to the outward voyage, seeing the previous mountains from the bottom.
The track finish is inside the Unesco Cividale del Friuli city center.

Track is 66km long with 1200m of elevation gain.
Even if the elevation is not negligible, the slope along the whole trail path is medium and split into 200m-400m altitude difference steps.

Between Vernasso and Tarcetta villages.

Small uphills and descents: a good warm up.

Uphill between Tarcetta and Antro.

Not wide roads definitely with low traffic.

Dirt road between Cocianzi and Goregnavas villages.

Gaining altitude the panoramic view gets higher and wider.

Close to Butrin Stream, a passage from descent to uphill.

East side of Joanaz Mount.

Before Montefosca town.

Medium slope even if with higher slope parts.

Over Montefosca, toward Joanaz Mount.

After descent Piano di Fraccadice place.

From Piano di Fraccadice to Subit village.

In the picture, the first part which is on cement bottom.

Toward Attimis town.

In High Plain direction.

Coming back to Cividale del Friuli city.

In front you see the Castelmonte sanctuary.

Cividale center, Unesco heritage.

Santa Maria Assunta cathedral in the middle.