• October 5, 2014

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

Path, direction, suggestion


The area around Collina village is famous for the surrounding mounts, starting from the closest to Marinelli Refuge: Coglians Mount (Hohe Warte), Creta della Chianevate (Kellerspitzen), Creta di Collina (Kollinspitzen), Creta di Collinetta (Cellon) on the East side, instead on the West side you see Volaia Group peaks: Monte Capolago (Seekopf), Monte Canale, Sasso Nero, Monte Volaia (Volayer Kopf). All the uphill effort done loses sense with altitude gain.

A few-words summary:
- Awesome landscape;
- Uphill on well-kept roads;
- Descent parts that require technique...
- ...and parts that require good brakes, cause there you'll speed.

The navigator track starts just before Tolazzi Refuge, in the park area, above Collina village. The route's begin is in uphill, as much as its arrival. In short you pass from tarmac to dirt road, with regular and not too high slope; anyway, the elevation gain of the first path part is 800m.
Reached Marinelli Refuge, you'll find some trail choices for the next descent, that need different technique's levels. We chose the trail between Marinelli and Tolazzi Refuges, the shortcut for the uphill road. This trail is a mix of hard and fast parts, excellent fun.
You'll come back to the road to Collina village, the beginning of the track, turning left just beyond the camping. After a small descent, the uphill starts again... but, you know, after uphill there's another descent... This arrives after the begin of a cement bottom road, a trail on the right side, with no many signals but well kept.
The trail is very good for running, for speed. The bottom is on ground, stones or bowls; a good descent slope for running and controlling velocity.
Ended, you ride back to Collina village and Tolazzi Refuge, the route begin.

The track is 22km long with 1600m of elevation gain, split into three steps.
The suggested season is autumn: this is a very touristic zone, it's better to go there when few people are on trail and road.

Landscape during uphill.

In the middle Lastron del Lago Mount, Western peak of Coglians Mount.

Road between Tolazzi and Marinelli Refuges.

Really well kept, mainly into the wood.

In the middle of the uphill you'll pass beside Morarêt Hut.

That can be used, as Marinelli Refuge, for lunch break.

Going on to Marinelli Refuge.

View on Morareto Vallet and Volaia Peak Group.

Good bottom road.

No parts in plain, quite uniform slope, without really high slope parts.

View at Marinelli Refuge.

The uphill road on the right side, the navigator track descent trail in the middle.

Marinelli Refuge.

Uphill towards Bioichia Mount, before that a small descent.

Uphill part with stones bottom into old conifer wood.

Begin of CAI 151 path, a descent to Givigliana village.

It's hard to see it, it's on the right road side, just after the cement bottom road part begin.