• May 6th, 2017

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

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A bike ride in the unforgettable Friuli Venezia Giulia region, amazing for bikers but travelled by MTB Friuli mainly on tarmac roads. Just for this reason we decided to realize this trail, a 50 and 50% mix of tarmac and dirt roads.
About 50 km in the Friuli's high plain and hills area, with a lot of small uphills and descents with Ragogna Mount in the middle, 500m high. An easy trail that can be done by everyone since without physical and technical efforts, during all the year. On the other hand there are parts with uphill sequence, fine for a training.
As written above, other tracks travel this area: first of all The bike Eagle, created for discovering Friuli. The dirt/tarmac road mix tracks are Martignacco - Hills, Peonis - Val Tochel and Vito d'Asio - S. Martino. On only tarmac instead there are the tracks Povoletto - San Daniele del Friuli, Basiliano - Ragogna - Martignacco and Cornino - Preone - San Francesco.

Starting point is in the square in front of Colloredo di Monte Albano castle, on the top of one of the first Friuli plain hills. You bike toward the town center along a descent, turning soon right and after left, crossing a subway with a mail road and going on on dirt road.
About 10 km mainly on dirt road, in the middle of the countryside with hills around, let you reach the main panoramic road of San Daniele town, biking all the time along a stream. So, you reach the main square with San Daniele cathedral along a steps uphill.
After, a descent from the top of the hill along a tight road in the old town side, arriving to city exit. You skip the main road to Ragogna town proceeding along a secondary road in the suburbar of Pignano, San Giacomo and Ragogna villages, joining after the main road. So, you arrive to San Pietro town, where the main uphill to Ragogna Mount begins.
Total elevation gain is 200 m with low and constant slope. This slope looks like a wall in the elevation profile above, but it's false, the lenght is about 5 km. To notice, the view to Ragogna castle, on the left at uphill begin, and the view to Tagliamento River and Friuli plain, at the second 180 degress turn.
After the uphill's end starts a bright descent on tarmac to Muris town, with a sequance of turns and straight parts, a funny and fast descent.

You don't stay on tarmac so much: soon in the town you turn left proceeding along a dirt road toward Tagliamento River, passing beside mines of Cimano town, turning around an hill. You go ahead so on tarmac across woods and rocky walls beside the road up to Susans town. Again, getting into the town, you turno right riding again on dirt road, watching the hills in front, just done or to do.
Now you cross Maiano town arring to a plain trail part in the countryside, on dirt roads.
You are getting close to arrival, passing for Mels town first, Aveacco town after, and Laibacco town at the last.
Conclusion is a steep small uphill along a tight tarmac road, which gets out in the castle square, where this trial began.

This track is fine for all bikers and for all seasons: there are neither technical and physical strong efforts. All along dirt and tarmac roads.
48 km long with 700 m of elevation gain on low slope roads, with max 200 m D+ steps.

MTB Friuli thanks Nirvano, Claudio, Mauro, Cristian, Carlo and Alessandro for taking part to this ride.

Out of Colloredo di Monte Albano town.

After about 10 km on dirt roads.

Toward Ragogna Mount.

You see the Friuli Alps' Arc all along the whole trail.

Alongside Ledra channel.

The hidden arrival to San Daniele town.

San Daniele Cathedral.

Trail travels all the square and after rides down to Pignano town.

Again in the countryside.

Ragogna Mount in the backgound, the next uphill.

Ragogna Castle.

On the left at the uphill begin.

Landscape of the plain from Ragogna Mount uphill.

In between Muris and Cimano towns.

Tagliamento Rivers flows hidden some undreds of meters on the left.

From Cimano town to Susans town.

Close to arrival.

After Mels town you ride on tarmac with a tight and steep final uphill.