• June 02, 2015

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

Path, direction, suggestion


This page track is located close to the Jôf Mounts Group, a line of rock mountains that pick upon the others, especially the Jôf di Montasio Mount, 2753 m at the top.
The track starts in Dogna town, leading quickly to the Alpe Adria bicycle path and arriving soon to Pietratagliata village. You pass upon the Fella River and begin the uphill, first on tarmac, after on dirt road. The altitude raises a lot, crossing all the woods to break out to some huts lawns. New the panorama repays all the effort done, as much to decide to slip the trail in two days, so to see the morning dawn, the sun rising from the Jôf Peak. After, there's the descent on dirt road, initially crossing the mount and after a sequence of 180-degrees turns that brakes will never forget. Finally, you reach the tarmac road, that brings you back on descent to the Dogna town.
So, this itinerary contains a lot of different things, it's difficult but not impossible, good for summer and autumn: due to the elevation, it's likely to find snow in the other seasons.


Along the track and at the camping points could be wood and water but, clearly, you're not sure to find that. River water is until Bielìga Saddle, not over. All the equipment is listed at this link: Equipment - What should I bring?

The building that you find along the way (Jeluz Refuge, San Leopoldo Hut, Bielìga Hut) are private or ruins: you can't keep that into account for camping.


The route starts in the middle of Dogna town, on tarmac for some hundreds of meters. Shortly, you get closer to the bicycle path Alpe Adria and the steeper part or the whole trail: a cement ramp that leads to the bicycle path, with a 27% slope. Luckily, it's only about 50 meter long.
On the bicycle path you turn left, on an uphill toward Pietratagliata village, at North, in Austria direction. In the past, that bicycle path was a railway, so the slope is really low and constant; there are a lot of tunnels and a fascinating bridge.

At a certain point you leave the bicycle path, making after about one hundred of meters on a main road. So you turn left biking on the bridge on the Fella River in Pietratagliata village direction. At the end of the bridge you turn again left: the latest hundreds of meters in plain. Soon the track turns right, starting the uphill toward Agar Mount. The slope is quiet, quite constant, mainly on tarmac up to Poccet Hut.
So the dirt road begins, with a good bottom and quite the same slope as the previous part. You reach the highest point of the track, close to Agar Mount, 1690m upon sea level. The starting point was at 400m of elevation.

After, it's quite all in descent.
There are more than one points suggested for the overnight: the saddle close to Agar Mount, San Leopoldo Hut or Bielìga Saddle; the last one was chosen by mtbfriuli team. The last two points allow an amazing panorama at the sunrise.

The uphill, so the road from Dogna town to Agar Mount Saddle, is 18 km long with 1300m of elevation gain.


On the second day there's only descent, apart some small parts in plain or uphill close to the saddles. The most interesting thing of the day 2 is sequence of 180-degrees turns in the dirt road from Bielìga Hut and Chiout village: there's one of the highest slopes of this area, the road bottom is in cement or tarmac.
At the end, there's the return to Dogna town on a tarmac road, funny for bikes.

Totally, the track is 32 km long with 1350 m of elevation gain.

The access to Alpe Adria bicycle path.

Alpe Adria bicycle path.

Surrounded by Giulie Alps, low and constant slope.

The tunnel on the road to Poccet Hut.

It's not illuminated, pay attention.

Beside Poccet Hut.

Soon after the dirt road begins.

Latest 180-degree turns before Agar Mount Saddle.

San Leopoldo Hut seen from the top.

On the back left the Jôf di Montasio Mount.

Camping at Bielìga Saddle.

Cimone Mount on the background.

Also deers have dinner soon.

Jôf di Montasio Mount.

The (descent) track's highest slope part.