• October 16th, 2016

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

Path, direction, suggestion


A ride in the wonderful Dogna, Saisera, Canale and Canal del Ferro Valleys in the Jôf Mount Group into Giulie Alps.
More than the half of this trail is shared with other paths: the first part is common with the end of ConTOUR FVG's forth stage. The Dogna - Agâr Mount - Bielìga Saddle "two days" trail shares the Dogna Valley first part. Instead the descent in Saisera Valley is along what included in ConTOUR FVG's fifth day. Finally, the return is the same as the trail Alpe Adria Bike Path, Villach (A) - Gemona del Friuli (I).
This area is wonderful: the two main mounts, Jôf di Montasio and Jôf Fuart, are travelled on the North side with this page trail. The South side could be seen making the trail Sella Nevea - Cregnedûl Hut. Northly, Saisera Valley, Lussari Mount. Tarvisio Forest, travelled downward in Saisera Valley, is also inside the track Valbruna - Prasnig Saddle. The next descent to valley bottom passes beside Malborghetto town, departure of Ciurciule - Cucco Hut two days trail, and Pontebba town, starting of the biking and hiking trail Pontebba - Cason di Lanza - Creta di Aip.
A trail along gorgeous places on a mix of tarmac, dirt, trail and bike path. Medium physical and technical effort, good for spring and autumn seasons.

Trail starts at Vidali place, close to Dogna town. A begin on a wide main road, exiting soon and reaching Dogna town.
A bridge crosses Fella River and let's you get into Dogna Valley. Initially you ride on the valley botton alongside the stream canyon. After 3 km you will pass to the North valley side, gaining elevation. High slope up to Chiutzuquin village, after it decreases. Generally speaking, the slope is not high: maximally 8%. Amazing when passing on the Mas Stream bridge, upon the old bridge.

You arrive so to Chiout village, the valley main one, with the specific old wire implant. Going on increase both slope and landscape toward Jôf di Montasio peak on the right, added to the waterfalls on the left, unforgottable due to the water transparency.
Later there is an about 3 km long transverse part, with light uphill and descent. You are getting closer to Sompdogna Saddle.
After some short tunnels - surrouded by stones, wood and waterfalls - there is another uphill with 180-degree turns. You reach so Plan dei Spadovai, a lawn surrounded by forest. Some other 180-deg turns let you go out of the fir forest, opening the view to Dogna Valley.
Ascent goes on with the 100 m of elevation remaining, arriving easily to Sompdogna Saddle. Landscape shows Jôf di Montasio and Cimone Mount to the South, Jôf di Dogna North-West. On the back Zuc dal Bôr Mount, the king of Alba Valley. Around the saddle you find Jôf di Miezegnot, Piper , Due Pizzi and Jôf di Sompdogna peaks.

You go ahead along a short, steep and fast descent on a dirt road, followed by a 50m ascent uphill that will bring you to Grego Refuge.
This is remarkable for what surrounds it. In front you find Saisera Valley and Lussari Mount. Turning right, you see Cima del Cacciatore first and Cime delle Rondini after, the Prasnig Saddle in between. Peaks altitude increases when looking South: Cima di Riofreddo, Jôf Fuart Mount, Nabois Grande Mount, Modeon del Buinz, Cima di Terrarossa, Jôf di Montasio with Genziana and Palizza Towers and finally Jôf di Sompdogna Mount.

Now starts the descent on a path along a lawn. Pay attention when arriving to the wood: you have to turn right, proceeding descent on a wide trail. This has a good bottom, smooth and wide, easy to do by bike even if it's exposed. Some 180-degrees turns let you loose elevation arriving to CAI 611 path and after to a dirt road. You go out of the wood and arrive to a park, after you proceed on tarmac road.

Soon you reach Montasio Refuge. Navigator path turn right, going ahead on a dirt road inside Tarvisio Forest. There you see centuries old firs and the gravel of Saisera river. Road is well kept and can be easily ridden by mtb. This detour makes a ring that in a few minutes will bring you back to the lawn in front of Montasio Refuge.
Now you are again on the tarmac road. You go on with the descent towars Val Saisera bottom. A nice race will bring you to Valbruna town and Alpe Adria Bike Path.

Now is all mainly in descent, riding in parallel to Fella River notising the nice views of its gravel and the mounts above. You travel quickly to Canale Valley, arriving to Pontebba town. Three small ascents let you go ahead on Alpe Adria Bike Path, now in South direction along Canal del Ferro Valley.
To notice, the several waterfalls beside the path. Additionally, there are some tunnels and ex railway bridges: they have a net bottom which allows to see the river below.
You leave the bike path close to Dogna town. You will repeat what done at the begin, arriving to Vidali place.

This track has unforgottable landscapes that repay the effort done. This is not small, 1150m of elevation gain on 58 km of length. This track can't be done during winter due to the snow. During summer instead these valleys are touristical places, much popular. So, the suggested seasons are spring and autumn.

Descent from Greg Refuge to Saisera Valley.

Mad on mud!

Begin of Dogna Valley.

Going on, you see the bridge below.

Arriving to Chiout village.

Remains of the old road rope pylons.

Dogna Valley river water purity.

A lot of streams and waterfalls alongside the left road side.

Jôf di Montasio peak.

You see the top for the whole valley.

Close to Plan dei Spadovai place.

Lawns inside the forest open your view to peaks around, such as Piper and Jôf di Miezegnot Mounts, that you see in the picture.

Dirt road from Sompdogna Saddle to Grego Refuge.

A steep initial descent and after an easy ascent to the refuge.

Deviation in Saisera Valley.

Gravel inside the Seisera Stream.

Tarvisio Forest.

The oldest in Italy, its centuries old conifer are impressive for their height.

Descent from Montasio Refuge to Valbruna town.

Tarmac road, you need to run!

Coming back along Canale Valley.

You ride on the Alpe Adria Bike Path.