• July 21, 2013

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

Path, direction, suggestion


Forni di Sopra - Giaf Shelter - Summer departure is close to fun area around Tagliamento River. This track is mainly on dirt road; some parts are on tarmac, but with limited or closed traffic.
Track begin is along "Anello di Forni" path, biking along the left river side, at North, travelling toward valley begin. All on dirt road with small uphills and descents. A ramp indicates tarmac road reaching to Giaf Shelter direction. You turn left; first part in plain, after a remarkable slope increase.
Here you find the 3 route choices, described in growing difficulty order:

Easy: the 'easy' route choice, the uphill stops at half of the road to the refuge: before that the slore rises, turn left. Proceed crossing a river (see picture number 3) and coming back to Forni di Sopra, all on dirt road. The navigator track contains the 'hard' choice track, anyway crossing the river and starting the descent in a few hundreds of metres you'll reconnect to the navigator track.

Medium: ...in this case you have to do all of the uphill. Yes, all of that. The slope increases, you pass over a bridge and the slope increases again; the first part of the road has a concrete bottom. The 'medium' choice route involves that all of the main uphill is done, until the refuge is reached. There, the uphill stops and the descent starts, running on the same uphill road. There's a trail from the refuge to the bridge on which you passed over before during uphill, but is not suggested for MTB, also because the descent road is very suitable for the run: high slope and much straight lines.

Arriving to a left turn (see picture number 6) you have to turn right, joining a trail, easy and approximatively in plain, which drives to the neighboring valley, arriving to a stream shore. You'll take so a descent dirt road, initially rough, that brings to the bottom of the valley first and so to the South side of Tagliamento river. The track is quite all inside the navigator track.

Hard: ...ok, did you read the 'easy' and 'medium' choices? Well done, now you'll know the funnier part. During the descent on dirt road, close to the bottom of the valley where the descend is done, you'll see a signal (picture 10) that indicates the MTB path. Also the navigator point it out but... who looks to the navigator screen during descent??! So, you take the trail that, with some metres of rise and some transverse - where you need to pay attention - takes to descent trail: this trail is only for mountain bikers, so ya, you can run! The trail comes out on the dirt road along the Tagliamento river, present in all of the route choices, that brings back to the starting point.

When returning road, in descent, gets close to Tagliamento River all three route choices join. You go ahead along a soft descent between wood and fields, arriving close to park. The track goes on, going down and turning after to a garden, lakes and bridges on Tagliamento River. You turn again to North-West, arriving soon to departure point.

As told before, the navigator track contains the 'hard' choice route. Its length is 14km, 600m of altitude gain.

Route start.

Very easy, beside Tagliamento river. During winter, this route becomes a nordic ski trail.

As all this zone paths, there's a 'warning' signal at the begin.

Let's know that in this trail: rocks fall, on both sides. Anyway, stones prefer mainly left side, with rain or snon. As usual, you'll get a 30% slope uphill, just a good starting idea. Overall, now you're in the valley bottom, some water overflow could take you away so... run!

Easy choice route.

Before that the real uphill begins, turn left on the road that crosses the river, where shown in the picture. You'll take the dirt road that's beside the river all along the valley bottom, until reaching the starting route point. Some hundreds of metres after the point shown in the picture, you'll reconnect to the navigator track.

The uphill.

Dirt and quiet road, without particular problems, that drives to Giaf refuge.

At the end of the road.

The Giaf Refuge on the top right and Cridola Mount at background.

Along the descent, the route takes a trail, turning right.

The path drives to the neighboring valley from the uphill one.

Soft uphills and descents, generally, the altitude is the same.

At the stream border you'll find the picture signals.

Turn quickly left, don't take the trail on the other side of the river.

If you don't miss the road - picture above - you'll reach a road, very good for running.

But pay attention, it's a extremely hard descent (according to the signal).

'Medium' choice route.

The navigator track points out for a right turn and a progression on the trail, limited to mtb runners. If you want to limit the trail hardness, you can go ahead on the dirt road, connecting the track in some hundreds of metres.

The trail has not particular technical hardness.

We need to advise that there are some uphill metres somewhere, in addition to some very narrow transversal trail parts.