• July 20, 2013

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

Path, direction, suggestion


The area of Forni di Sopra village has several routes mainly on dirt roads, sometimes with some "shortcut" path. The valley is wide, Dolomites style, but the roads have high slope, mainly near the bottom of the valley. You can't escape from that.

The route starts from the center of Forni di Sopra. Not far from the parking, the track begins and goes along the valley, leading to Tartoi and Tragonia Huts. Initially, the road is paved, but looking at the slope of the road, no one complains.

The climb is very steep, especially at the start, going lighter as the raising of altitude. At the same time, the road changes from asphalt to dirt. The turning point is close to two huts near a river cross section: the route now is all on dirt road sections with no slope atrocious. Continue along this road until the junction (see photo 4).

Malga Tartoi: at the crossroads (see photo 4) turn left and proceed along the road up to the Tartoi Hut, the slope softens and does not present any problems, neither technical and sporty. Once at the mountain hut you can enjoy a beautiful view. The descent is all done on the dirt road traveled uphill. Eye to the bar!

Malga Tragonia: at the crossroads (see photo 4) turn right, the road has a gentle climb and in about 3 km you will come to the Tragonia Hut. There are various options for the descent: the simplest is done by retracing all the way of uphill. Eye to the bar! Plus, there are two paths: the first starts nearby to the hut and arrives to the ford, mentioned a few paragraphs ago. The second one begins at about half of the road (between Tragonia Hut and the crossroad, photo 4) and arrives in the vicinity of Tartoi Hut, the numbers of the path are 208 and 211 respectively. Both trails are very technical. The last alternative is a path that leads from the Tragonia Hut to Forni di Sopra, downloadable for navigator, and with some photos in the gallery.

T & T: Tartoi & Tragonia. The ride, the one in the path for the navigator, first goes up on the Tartoi Hut, after down to the junction, turns left and climbs up to the Tragonia Hut. Compared to the previous laps, the total elevation increases about of 250m, but on a track without problems or difficulty of the climb, so it is easily doable.

The descent. The downhill section is completely done along a path (CAI 209): the beginning is flat, used to get out of the hut valley and move to the main one. The path contains parts suited to run and some sections with many stones: feasible without major problems, it is only advised to avoid days in which the bottom is wet.

The total distance (of T & T) has a length of 16km, an elevation gain of 1050m.

Warning! The navigator track doesn't contain a small part of the descent part along the CAI 209 path. Anyway, there should not be troubles doing the track (...there's just only that path...)

At the beginning of the road.

Pay attention to the stones on the left, and also to the ones on the right, together with snow, especially in July/August. The road has also bumps but so, there's a descent between two rises, not bad. Moreover, the rises have a 30% slope and rains, and when it rains there's also a flood. You can't save you travelling on the road: it's a no entry... but if you climb up you'll find a lot of jeeps, motorbikes, etc and a few people walking. Finally, if you fall you'll die, there's no barrier (strada senza barriere); but, if you are lucky, a plant has already fallen (caduta piante) and you'll stop on it. Good luck.

Just started.

At the beginning there are some ramps with high slope, a warm up before starting could be good.

Over there, in the shadow, rear the woods...

there's the Tartoi Hut.

Pray the saints in the picture and the ones out...

and choose your destiny: Tartoi on the left, Tragonia on the right.

Arrived to Tartoi Hut.

And the arrival to Tragonia Hut.

Between there's the descent, with the bar in the middle, and a uphill of about 250m.

A nice panorama: the hill road, Cridola Mount on the background and the start of the descent.

The descent, into the downloadable navigator track, is not so technical but... uncomfortable, with some part so uneven. Of course, you can come back to the starting point doing the same road of the uphill.

Along the path descent.

Track has some parts good for running, others with a lot of stones and some jumps; pay attention. The picture shows the only crossroad that you'll find, where you go on straight (on right) on the CAI 209 path, witch guides to the Forni di Sopra village.

The best part.

Very large path and run dedicated bottom.

The worst part.

Easily travellable, respect to other website tracks, but it requires some technique. Trail like this are not good after rain.