• April 22nd, 2017

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

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An unbelievable trail, an unforgettable nature and history mix.
You start from Gemona del Friuli town, reaching its historical village, passing beside the castle and getting into through the East city wall gate. You pass beside the visitable Santa Maria Assunta cathedral and Madonna delle Grazie Church ruines, going ahead after along the Alpe Adria bike path. So you arrive across woods to Venzone historical small town. The Gemona del Friuli - Cavazzo/Tre Comuni Lake path visits only Sant'Andrea Cathedral, the mummies church/museum - XVII century mummies preserved naturally - the town hall square with its historical building and the fountain.
Let's talk now about nature, so wild all across the whole trail. You will leave soon Gemona town along a dirt road, seeing Minisini Lake and running into the forest, which contains a lot of different plants and trees. Going on you cross Tagliamento River, biking after along it and the gravel of Tagliamento and Fella rivers junction. Always running along woods, you reach the Cavazzo/Tre Comuni lake, enjoying its water clearness. You go down to lake's lagoon area where you can see swans, mallards, coots and more, adding also the fishes that you can see from the bridges. But there's something more: passed Interneppo village and at the end of the descent to Bordano village you can visit the famous butterflys museum "Casa delle Farfalle".

Due to this area's extent content there are several MTB Friuli tracks that cross or travel it: Alpe Adria bike path - from Villach (A) to Gemona finishes at this page track starting point. The first mountains are explored by Alesso - Cuar Hut and Peonis - Tochel Valley instead the trails Rivoli Bianchi - Venzonazza Valley and Gemona del Friuli - Cuarnan Hut reach higher altitude places. The tracks Magnano - Monte Faeit and Magnano in Riviera - Trail let you see Gemona del Friuli - Cavazzo Lake path from the top. The last but not the least is the two days track Remanzacco - Tanamea Saddle - Venzonassa Valley where this page trail begin corresponds to part of its second days itinerary.

Track starts from Gemona del Friuli train station parking area. You reach the historical city center along a medium slope uphill on a tarmac road, passing beside the castle and getting across an old wall. Some hundreas of meters in the old town and after the descent toward the city countryside.
Where the descent slope descreses and you pass beside the old Cocconi Molino (funnel) you have to turn soon right, going ahead on a tight road that will change shortly to a dirt bottom. Now you are out the town and inside woods. You pass beside Minisini Lake for coming back after to city biking around a small mountain. You arrive to Ospedaletto town, moving now to the Alpe Adria bike path. A small uphill and after along bridges, tarmac and dirt paths arriving - discovering just at the end - to Venzone town.

A break is mandatory. The trail avoides Pontebbana main road, getting inside the town along small streets. Inside the wall the path turns left to visit Sant'Andrea Cathedral and mummies. You ride after to the main square, watching the town hall and the fountain, arriving soon to the main road crossed before. You go on across the parking reaching the pedestrian crossing. You bike so on a secondary tarmac road arriving to Pioverno village after a bridge over Tagliamento River. You exit soon from the village and go ahead in North direction taking a bike path which passes to the north of San Simeone Mount.
About 10 km quite in plain inside a forest, always seeing the river that flows on the right. The dirt road end into and open space close to the main road to Somplago town.

You go ahead along it, the road is wide and with low traffic. An uphill to a saddle and after a descent to the first 180 degree turn to right, where you leave the main road passing to a small one. This has a short uphill that let you arrive to Mena village. Here you go down fast along tarmac to Somplago town, reaching its center. You cross the main road moving to dirt one, arriving after to an old stones bridge over a stream.
Again on tarmac road, you reach and after ride along a road - which now is quite a bike path - that passes alongside the West side of Cavazzo/Tre Comuni Lake. At its end you turn left, arriving soon to a trail which let's you discover swamp land.

You ride now on the right lake's side, going up along tarmac to Interneppo village forst and to a saddle after. There starts the descent toward Bordano village. Soon after you leave the road turning right and going on along a dirt road. A small uphill and after a nice and fast descent let you arrive to Bordano village.
Crossed it, you are again in the countryside, riding first on a dirt road and after on a quite in plain trail. You cross two fords, usually without water, arriving to a tunnel. You avoid it passing along a trail outside. A small staircase brings you to Braulins village.
You return so to the Tagliamento River left side, going ahead along Pineta village and arriving finally to the train station.

This track can be done all the year, there are neither technical and physical difficulties. The trail between Bordano and Braulins villages is usually well kept.
The itinerary is 41 km long with 450 m of elevation gain.

Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral.

Tipical from Gemona del Friuli, open to visits.

The first dirt road out of Gemona.

It turns around Minisini Lake and arrives to Ospedaletto village.

The international Alpe Adria bike path.

Connection from Gemona del Friuli to Venzone.

Arriving to Venzone.

The most well mantained 13th century italian city.

Beside walls, the Venzone baptistery with mummies inside.

Discovered in 1647 were naturally conserved.

The top of Venzone Cathedral bell tower.

A curious legend tells its origin, that you can see also today in the town festival.

Venzone town hall.

To notice the strange clocks and the Venice and Friuli sculpture.

Tagliamento River.

Arriving to San Simeone Mount.

Bike path from Pioverno village to close to Cavazzo Carnico town.

Approxamately in plain, surrounded by rocks, forest and river's gravel.

Mena village.

An open landscape to the valley balow and the Tre Comuni Lake.

Exiting Somplago town.

An old stones bridge.

The road alongside Cavazzo/Tre Comuni Lake.

With really low traffic and a nice view upon the lake.

The Southern lake's corner.

Like a swamp, you will arrive there soon.

In the Cavazzo Lake reserve.

You will see a lot of birds like swans, mallards, coots.

For bikes bridge.

Passing to the other lake side.

Part toward Interneppo village.

Wide road with low slope and low traffic.

The saddle between Interneppo and Bordano villages.

Soon after descent's begin you will turn right on a dirt road.

Dirt road inside butterfly area.

A small uphill at the begin and after a funny and fast descent.

Further Bordano you ride on dirt road first and trail after.

All can be done by bike and usually well kept.

Arriving to Braulins village, on the other side of the tunnel.

As you can see in the picture you can avoid the tunnel, increasing the view to Tagliamento River.