• January 5-6, 2015

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

Only uphill graph, descent is on the same route.

Path, direction, suggestion


This page route is good for a two days travel: low technical and physics efforts and a sensational landscape from the mountain peak give sense to sleeping on Forchia Mount summit. What described and reported in this page was done in winter, when silence and sky clearness associate an unbelievable uniqueness to all.

Note: the presentation of the track depends on the environmental conditions that we found! We suggest to evaluate the weather and snow conditions for this kind of track.


Close to Forchia Mount top, where first day track ends, there's a same name hut (Casera Forchia); however, what described in the page was done on the top of the mount, with nothing at fingertips: no woods, no water, no beds and chairs.

So, we brought all the equipment. What's the equipment? Let see the equipment page.


The path starts in Lateis village, over Sauris Lake. A wonderful environment, characterized by the unforgivable road to arrive there from Ampezzo town.

The first uphill part presents an high slope: heavy for having just started to bike but not so branded, compared with other region tracks. Approximately, the first half of the track is on tarmac road, not closed to traffic. So, people by car can run on that, even if usually the number of the cars is low.
At Frumeibn Saddle starts a descent, you pass over Stavoli (small huts) Hinterolbe and arrive to a cross line. Here you turn right, starting a new uphill in Rifugio (Refuge) Casera Losa direction.
In winter, you have to pay attention at the fort of Pièltinis Stream.

Path now becomes funnier, in short you go out of the wood and you can open you view on all the valley and surrounding mounts. The road is easier to bike and the slope is lower.
The road is all on the South mounts side at an elevation of about 1700m, thing to keep in mind in winter season. There are no exposed road parts, the slope is quite constant and not high.
Overpassed Rifugio Casera Losa, you go ahead on a small descent and so uphill to reach Casera Forchia and La Forcje Saddle. The route proceeds to Passo della Forcella (Forcella Saddle) and Forchia Mount peak; this part is out of Tabacco Map 01, you can find it on Tabacco Map 02. On the map, the route to the peak is drawn as a path and not as a trail, as it is now.

At the peak, you enjoy a wonderful panorama that pays again all the efforts done.
The landscape has Clap Grant Mount in front and Coglians Group on the back in North direction; at East there are Crostis, Paularo, Zermula and Crete di Aip Mounts, with Austrian Alps on the back. Turning again you'll see Jôf Mounts Group that stand out at East with all its magnificence. At South-East you see parts of the plain and, with a very clear sky, also the sea. At South there is the Col Grande peak, with its very explanatory name (Big Hill). Still turning you see the mounts upon Forni di Sopra village: Tinisa, Bivera, Pramaggiore, Cimacuta.

Monte Forchia top is wide, without high slope sides and has some plain parts, good for setting the tent.

Note: the navigator track starts at a different point from the park point, but in any case is on the same road in Malghe di Sauris (Pièltinis, Gerona, Losa huts) direction.


There are different variations for doing the return to the starting point; when the track had been done, the snow and ice conditions had limited the return to the same outward road, which contains three small uphill also when coming back.
As in uphill (outward), there are no high slopes or exposed or dangerous parts.

Totally, the track length is of 24km with 1100m of elevation gain; split in 12km of outward with 850m of altitude gain, 250m of elevation gain the second day.

Descent from Forchia Mount with "two days" equipment kit and snow.

Part of the road between Frumeibn Saddle and Hinterolbe Huts.

The elevation is not so high, anyway, the road in on the North mount side and into the wood. It could happen that the road bottom is icy.

The fort on Pièltinis Stream.

As told in the description and how can be see in the picture, you must pay attention to the ice bottom.

Uphill towards the huts.

Now, you are on the South mounts side, could happen that there is no more snow or ice.

At 1700m of elevation.

Finally the snow. For mountain biking, a single snow layer is an annoying obstacle.

From Malga Forchia to the same name mount.

Monte Forchia peak.

The Coglians Mount Group on the background.

The tend, beside the top.

Giulie Alps on the back.

Panorama at 08:29 AM.

The winter is comfortable for seeing sunrise.

The moon sunset on the West...

...and the sunrise at East.

Sun light that starts to illuminate the surrounding valleys.