• June 16th, 2017

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mtb friuli percorsi per bici

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A goal for summer holidays, Lignano offers tourists a lot of opportunities: from the desired beaches and the dreamy sea, to lots of leisure sports opportunities!
The unavoidable one, the bike: the bike paths, trees lined avenues, and the wind that attenuates the summer heat make the Lignano area an ideal starting point for bike rides.
MTB Friuli and Percos are at your disposal for group biking, proposing these routes.

The suggested park is at Lignano Sabbiadoro, close to the famous Tenda Bar, at E-Bike Rent shop, available for bike maintenance and bike rental, for all kind of bikes: E-Bike, Travel Bike, Mountain Bike.

- On the sand: 12 km admiring the beaches of Lignano Sabbiadoro, Lignano Pineta and Lignano Riviera, crossing Tagliamento River, next to the Adriatic Sea. You then enter the seaside resort of Bibione, crossing its center and finally arriving at the lighthouse, at the eastern end of the Venetian beaches.
This path can be done in two direction, both East and West, passing also alongside Marano Lagoon and eventually addind the return, totally 36 km.

- In the Lagoon Water: an exit from the beaches, from the crowded places, to the relaxing and quite lost places of Friuli. You exit Lignano choosing between tarmac and dirt, crossing the Stella River - a stream with more than transparent water coming from Risorgive - to reach the Lagoon of Marano and the inevitable Natural Reserve of Canal Novo. 29 km of development with boat return, admiring everything from the opposite side.

- Back in the centuries: where does sea water come from? A pedal along Tagliamento River, riding among countryside, woods and meadows absolutely out of the hustle and bustle of the main roads. A series of villages lead to the famous and majestic Villa Manin, the last throne of the Venetian Empire. 58 km along the plain.

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MTB Friuli team is available for guided travels:

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Going out to Lignano, out of busy places.

Toward nature, toward peace.

The first track part is on bike path.

Free to bike!

A lot of fountains along the track.

Really useful during hot summer!

Marano Lagoon, which you pass beside.

Lignano Sabbiadoro in the backgound.

Toward the plane, inside the countryside.

An example view: vineyard, dirt road and a canal alongside.

Stella River, a flowing of "risorgive" water: which comes out after many kilometers underground.

You will cross it on a bikers and pedestrian bridge.

Always in the countryside, along really well kept dirt roads.

Centuries old trees sign fields corners and road crossings.

Into Arvonchi Forest, Muzzana del Turgnano wood, along a nice path.

This plane was coverd in the past by a forest, we cross a part of that.

You will bike inside the countryside.

You can see animals easily, as like the hare in the picture.

Arriving to Marano Lagunare historical downtown.

An ancient city, an harbour and strategical place in Roman and Venice Imperiums.