• January 03-04, 2014

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

Path, direction, suggestion


This is a good winter two days mtb track, with a nice landscape, a road that you'll never forget and a refuge which provides a lot of comforts. The refuge is at 1168m height, South-East exposed, with a front good area: it's suitable for winter overnight, giving also the opportunity to rise up to 1400m on the neighboring road.

Note: the presentation of the track depends on the environmental conditions that we found! We suggest to evaluate the weather and snow conditions for this kind of track.


As you can see in this page pictures, this refuge makes available a lot of things: wood, brazier, water (we found the fountain open, but 2014 winter was not so cold), open refuge with table, chairs, stove, two equipped bads and two bads with mesh only.

Anyway, we brought all of the equipment. What is the equipment? Watch the equipment page.


The Moggio Udinese village, where the path starts, has a lot of car parks. The tracks begins on a country road, but don't worry, there's a few traffic in that zone.

After a couple of kilometres, you turn right and take the road that passes through the Pradis village and guides to the refuge. The whole road has a tarmac bottom, uphill has a significant slope, not too high. There are some short plain parts sometimes: you can stop there.

The road climbs into the East side of Aupa valley up, to pass after to the West side of Alba valley. You'll change valley and slope, it gets from 13% to 15%.

Going ahead you'll reach the 1040m height; you'll see a park beside the road, where all the cars must stop. A trail to Vualt refuge starts from there (20 minutes walking). A signal indicates also that, proceeding on the road; the time to reach the refuge is 30 minutes walking. The most interesting thing for bike riders is that you could have 2 minutes to take a break in the park, there's a very nice landscape there, it's just a few metres out of the wood. The road to the refuge slope weakes some hundreds of metres after the park.

Soon you'll reach the refuge. The navigator track goes on, this is due to the no snow close to the refuge when we did the route: after having climped up for two hours, you must find the snow, is it true?

The navi track goes ahead up to the ruins of an old house, very close to the end of the road, coming back after to the Vualt refuge.

As for each "two days" track, we suggest to prepare all of the necessary before the sunset. We advise to build and light the fire in advance, often happens that the wood is too moist and hard to burn.

A small walk close to the refuge could let you see some deers or roe deers in the wood, a suggested walk is the 425 trail which goes from the refuge to the Vualt saddle.


Descent starts from the refuge area, driving for some hundreds of metres alogn a trail. The only trouble of riding on the trail is that, at a certain point, you'll have to cross a rivulet; anyway, you can easily avoid it leaving the refuge on the same rise road.

You'll proceed on the tarmac road, the same road of the uphill, that has a lot of straight parts. In a few minutes you'll reach the saddle between Aupa and Alba valleys. Turn left and take the dirt road.

The slope is strong, a lot of curves with heavy exposure and two metal-bottom bridges, where is so easy to slide in case of rain. In a few time you arrive to Moggio village, that you left the day before, getting quicky to the park.

This route has a lot of benefits, such as the refuge, and some disadvantages, as the slope. At all, the length of the track is 22km with a 1100m altitude gain.

End part of the uphill.

The slope is close to 14% for the main part of the rise. Anyway, the whole road has a tarmac bottom.

Arriving to Vualt refuge.

As you can see, the refuge has a big good front area.

Vualt refuge.

There's a fountain (we found it open) and wood for the fire. Moreover, the place was open (2014 January), with chairs, table, stove and two usable beds inside.

The road goes ahead from the Vualt refuge.

The high slope is a constant.

The winter trail, with its advantages and disadvantages.

Also bikes need to sleep.

Refuge area has a lot of free space, benches, tables and nice landscape.

Sunset panorama.

Sunset, 05:29PM.

Spending evenings on the mountains has its reason.

Landscape, Chiavals Mount.

Vualt refuge, above all that was already written, it makes available a brazier and its tools for dinner.