• May 13, 2018

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

Path, direction, suggestion


In the uphill to Paularo Mount, especially reached its top, you see a wonderful landscape: Tersadia and Sernio Mounts at South, Jôf peaks at South-East, Zermula Mount at East, Crostis Mount at West, Coglians Mounts Group at North-West and the imperious Gamspitz at North.

The route starts in Paluzza town on a tarmac road, it crosses Ligosullo village (everyone will remind its uphill) and passes beside the Valdajer Castle, where the dirt road begins. All the valley will be run through. Route reaches Dimon Lake first and Montelago Hut after. The dirt road ends at the hut, the track goes on a trail that leads to Paularo Mount Peak. The descent is on the CAI 405 trail, initially a path, after on a dirt road and finally, at Paluzza town, on tarmac road.

The uphill begins in Paluzza town, on tarmac road, passing through Treppo Carnico village; the slope is easy and without difficulties. The route part close to Ligosullo village is different: a really high slope, that is stable for a couple of kilometres. At the crossroad for Valdajer Castle the slope decreases and gets easy and good to run.

The dirt road begins close to the castle: low slope, good road bottom, the first part is into the wood. Arrived to Dimon lake, you'll go around it and arrive in a few minutes to the closed hut and the park, where the trail begins. It could be ridden by bike until a few years ago, now it is discomposed and canalized: the choices are two, to bring the bike up to the peak of leave it at the park. By foot, the time from the park to the peak is about 10 minutes with one hundred of metres of elevation gain.

On the Paularo Mount Peak you'll find a very nice landscape: a good reason to sit for some minutes, to rest and to eat.

The ride could start on the mountain peak: the trail could be done in descent, even if it was hard or not possible to ride it going up. At some big stones you turn right, keeping a trail that doesn't loose altitude and reaches a dirt old road, where the main descent starts. At the beginning the descent is on a path, rarely travelled by walkers. It is not exposed and risky, it doesn't contain stones, jumps and so on. Depending on the season, you could find high grass and so seeing the trail becomes hard.
After, the trail joins a dirt road, funny to ride, and so a small part of tarmac road.

So, there are two choises:
- at the first right turn, just stay on tarmac road. You'll reach arrival town;
- turn left at first right turn on tarmac. You'll proceed on dirt road arriving to an house gate. Even if it looks strange, on the right of the gate there is a trail, the continuation of the track. First part can be done biking; after the first left turn there is a part ruined by rain that can be done only by foot. Passed this hundred of metres, the trail gets back to a MTB track; anyway, pay attention to the bottom, really discomposed. Arrived to Zenodis village, the route continues on a dirt road, a mix of uphill and descent, that brings to Paluzza town.
Track's archive contains both paths.

The suggested periods are spring and autumn seasons, just to avoid high grass and snow. The full length is 29km with 1500m of elevation gain.
MTB Friuli thanks Flavio and Nicola for their participation.

Crossed Ligosullo Village.

The uphill is easy, with not so high slope and a nice landscape view. A low traffic even on holidays.

You go ahead on a dirt road beyond the Valdajer Castle.

The end part of the uphill is the hairpin turn that crosses all the valley in the picture.

There are no problems with the road bottom, as same as the not so high slope.

Paularo Mount Peak.

The path to reach the peak has approximately one hundred of elevation gain metres.

The trail to arrive to the peak.

Hard to do that uphill, feasible in descent.

Descent begin.

Initially a road, that becomes a trail in some hundreds of metres.

Part of the trail.

A low visibility with high grass.

Reached the wood, the trail becomes wide and after turns to a road.

Even if the road is not so wider than the trail...

The worst part of the second descent choise with 5 stars of technical effort.

That was a mulattiera (mule track), after a trail, and now a stream. Now one hundred of metres must be done by foot.

After the trail part of the previous picture, the track return travelable.

The track bottom is bad, so pay attention, mainly to jumps and to sloped parts.