• September 22, 2013

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

Path, direction, suggestion


The route crosses two valleys: Avanza and Fleons. It has awesome panorama, with Navastolt peak, Avanza and Lastroni mounts, Peralba mount, the begin of Dolomites and Fleons group.
A long time ago, this was a war and pastoralism zone, as you can see also today. A really interesting route feature during uphill to Sesis Saddle are the marmots close to the road and used to see people.

The track start point is in the Goccia di Carnia park. You take the dirt road that crosses all the Avanza Valley, reaching Casa Vecchia Hut first and Sorgenti del Piave Refuge after. The road bottom is good, is well kept and complete into the wood.

At half of the valley there's a crossroad: the sign shows to go on the left, the navigator track (variation) turns right, keeping the road to Avanza di Sopra Hut. This road has an high slope. Reached the hut, you'll have a very nice view to Navaiust mount and closed valleys. After, there's the descent: hard bottom, a lot of straight parts, good to enjoy.

The road toward Casa Vecchia Hut has a stones bottom. After, you'll pass to the tarmac road, some hundreds of metres before Sorgenti del Piave Refuge. The dirt road doesn't present hard technical of physical efforts, otherwise it's better to avoid it soon after rains: the stones bottom road part could become impassable.

Once out of Avanza Valley, you'll pass to tarmac road that brings to a park, where you'll turn right, going on a dirt road towards Calvi Refuge. Uphill is initially quiet, until reaching an old mine: there the slope becomes much higher, the road bottom is in cement with some gravel, much easy to slip.

Going on, you'll pass beside the Calvi Refuge and go on to Sesis Saddle (by foot). The trail is wide but the bottom is not good and hard to do that by bike. Anyway, you'll reach the saddle in less than half an hour, without troubles.
The descent begin at the saddle, the trail is not exposed and has not high slope. The technical effort assigned to the track is due to the trail bottom: it has a lot of stones, canalation and so on. Some experience is required. At Fleons di Sopra Hut, the trail grows to a dirt road and, ahead, gets better and your speed gets higher. At the end, you'll arrive to the mines, end of the descent.

In some hundreds of metres you'll arrive to the park, starting point of the route. This zone is full of sources and streams, but also of trekkers: the suggested periods are spring and autumn. Track length: 21km, 1750m of altitude gain.

The uphill part toward Avanza di Sopra Hut.

The slope is high, but it can be avoided.

Panorama at Avanza di Sopra Hut.

Close to the hut there's a historical mine that can be visited.

Part of the road in Avanza Valley to Casa Vecchia Hut.

The all road bottom is in stones.

At the end of the road into Avanza Valley.

The Lastroni Mount in the background.

Begin of the uphill to Calvi Refuge and Sesis Saddle.

Calvi Refuge on the right.

Picture of the uphill road to Calvi Refuge.

The worst part is on the right side, close to the old mine.

Begin of the by foot uphill toward Sesis Saddle.

The bottom has a lot of gravel, hard to do it by bike.

Panorama of Sesis Saddle descent.

The trail is not exposed or steep, but the bottom requires a technical experience.

The descent part after the Goccia di Carnia water source.

The mesh on the right side is due to the big canal and the big waterfall at its bottom, that you can see from the road.