• May 9, 2014

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

Path, direction, suggestion


The route is close to Venzone town, famous for its antiquity, past events and the legends that describes it. The start is in Rivoli Bianchi place, whose name describes clearly the surrounding environment (Rivoli Bianchi means White River Gravel). Uphill is along Venzonassa Valley, characterized by a lot of things, one is the slope... hard to forget.

The start point is in Rivoli Bianchi, into a river gravel, going uphill first and after turning left (North) in Venzone Town direction, that you will reach in a few minutes. The uphill at the route's begin is set for warming up for what will be done after.
In fact, going out of Venzone, the Venzonassa Valley road starts with a subtle slope on tarmac bottom. The best is when passing from the tarmac to dirt road. To be precise, the road has not a completely dirt bottom: normally, for slopes higher than 15%, roads have a cement bottom, to avoid or limit damages made from water or wheels.

The navigator track starts at Rivoli Bianchi, passes around Venzone walls, goes up in Venzonassa Valley and to Ungarina Hut, coming back down in Venzonassa Valley, returning on the road done before. Goes on up to Tacia Saddle, passing after on the South valley side and reaching Forca di Ledis Saddle, going after down to Rivoli Bianchi, the route starting point. The video shows the two main descents: from Ungarina Hut to the main road (from Venzone town to Tacia Saddle) and from Forca di Ledis Saddle to Rivoli Bianchi.
The end part of the route presents some technical problems: the trail Forca di Ledis - Rivoli Bianchi is hard to run cause landslides.

So the track can be split in three choices:
Rivoli Bianchi - Ungarina Hut: all the road has good quality and slope, it is the part with higher slope of all the complete track. A total distance of 30km with 1200m of elevation gain.
Rivoli Bianchi - Tacia Saddle: such as the previous choice, it is all on road. You can go to the saddle and come back on the same road or cross the saddle and go down on the other slope, in Alta Val del Torre (High Torre River Valley), first on dirt and after on tarmac road. You will arrive to Tarcento village and so go up to Venzone town, all on tarmac. The first option, outward and return on the same road, is 46km long with 1850m of altitude gain; the second one, passing over Tacia Saddle and coming back through Tarcento village, is 51km long with 1460m of elevation gain.
Rivoli Bianchi - Forca di Ledis: at Tacia Saddle you proceed following the navigator track, reaching the end of the dirt road close to Forca di Ledis Saddle. There, begins a trail that mainly can be done walking, just with some short parts by bike. At Forca di Ledis Saddle starts the descent, that requires technical equipment and to be proved for freeride trails: the trail - the official one - can not be done by bike. With mtb you run on the gravel slope, strait ahead. You will also cross over two small streams, with some trail part on stones or gravel. Length of 38km, 1850m of elevation gain.

There is another option or, better, there was one. You canned return quickly from Ungarine Hut to Venzone town, and so Rivoli Bianchi, using the trail CAI 705. For a while, this trail is not maintained and some parts are damaged by landslides, in particular in the top trail part, from Gran Rio stream to the hut. You can see that in some pictures in the bottom of the page. So, this part can't be done by bike or you can drive it, but only walking out of trail in a steep slope into a wood, orienting without seeing a path. Therefore, it's suggested to avoid this option.

The suggested period for this route is spring: in between of when the snow is over 1300m in South mounts side (1300m is the max altitude of the route) and the begin of the summer (quite all the route is exposed to South side, and so to the sun).

Descents movie.

First, the descent from Ungarina Hut to the road from Venzone town to Tacia Saddle; the second is on the trail 708, from Forca di Ledis Saddle to Rivoli Bianchi.

At the route begin, in Rivoli Bianchi.

The saddle in the middle of the picture is Forca di Ledis, end part of the route.

"Lasciate ogni speranza o voi ch'entrate" ("Leave hopes if you enter here", Dante)

...that plain part you'll never find!

As written in the description, often you will find parts with cement bottom and related slope.

Picture is quite clear.

It was taken in the route part through Venzonassa Valley and Ungarina Hut.

Eagle and small deer.

There are a lot of wild animals in this valley, that you can as you are not so loud.

Arrived to Ungarina Hut.

Over there, there is a small lake, with water can not be drunk. Instead, there is a very nice landscape, both to valley and to Confin Hut and Canin Mount directions.

Into Venzonassa Valley, going up to Tacia Saddle.

In front, the Chiampòn Mount group.

Tacia Saddle, where the return starts.

Obviously, is the one on the right, same altitude.

At Tacia Saddle.

You arrive from the road on the right side, and you go ahead on the road on the left, starting a small descent.

The suggested period is spring, as written above.

The disadvantage that you can find is the road bottom with leafs, also in descent, so you need to pay attention.

On the road on the South side of Venzonassa Valley.

Trail part through the end of the dirt road and the Ledis Saddle.

Some small part can be done by bike.

Forca di Ledis.

Over the descent, good luck.

Warning on trail CAI 705.

The path is closed due to landslides.

Warning on trail CAI 705.

The path is closed due to landslides.