• November 01-02, 2014

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

Path, direction, suggestion


The Sappada - Laghi d'Olbe route is located just a little out of Friuli - Venezia Giulia region, in Veneto region, at the begin of Dolomites. Mountains are different from Carniche and Giulie Alp (Friuli's alps): wider valleys, peaks altitude raises. Route's arrival is quite at 2200m in a quiet environment, surrounded by three lakes, over than an unforgottable landscape. This route suggested season is autumn, its serenity makes loose the cognition of time. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind its disadvantage, such as the weather variability, temperatures, daylight lenght.

Note: the presentation of the track depends on the environmental conditions that we found! We suggest to evaluate the weather and snow conditions for this kind of track.


Close to the lakes there's an old hut, good in case of rain, but without any other advantage, e.g. rooms, wood and so on. About water, even if surrounded by lakes, it's better to bring a bottle: in vicinity there are some small rivulets, with no water in case of few rain period. At the third lake starts a small stream, water flows into, but it come from the lake, where it has been still!

Anyway, we brought quite all the equipment, in particular the cooking kit (there's no woods in proximity). What is the equipment? Watch the equipment page.


The route starts at Cottern locality, at Sappada village. Exited the park, you cross the garden of a school and soon take the dirt road (CAI 135) that brings to Olbe lakes.
The route begin is really steep and with a ruined bottom, it gets better after some hundreds of metres, decresing the slope. The road goes into a ski slope. Much better: good road bottom, the beauty of Rio del Molino (Molino River), its waterfalls and the canal where it disappers.
After, you reach the hardest part of the route, some hairpin turns with really elevate slope: passable for a single day run, hard for whom brings two days equipment. Four small 180 degree turns make you rise of quite 170 altitude metres.
Passed over this part, you arrive to a small plain and than to Gosse restaurant. Uphill starts again on CAI trails 140 and 138. The road is narrow, high slope and bad bottom. Further, there is a curve and a long straight line up to 2050m height. After you descent to a saddle (1980m) to bike uphill again to the lakes (2180m). Compared with the first route part (Sappada village - Gosse restaurant), this part has an higher technique request, e.g. for stones and steps, but a lower physical one, the slope to take on is smaller.
Arrived to the lakes, you can delight a beautiful landscape, because of the altitude and the valley opening. Small trails turn around of the three lakes, rising the elevation and improving the panorama.
If you will camp, there's not a big plain lawn, there are just some small areas where you can put the tent. In the North-East bigger lake side there is a large space with also some tables, but it is inside a cavity, it's better to sleep out of that.


Compared with the first day uphill, the descent is a game. The road bottom has dirt parts, but not so ruined to don't let you run. You have to remind that this is a tourism zone: it's likely to find other people on the road! Moreover, you have to pay attention to the water beams: where the road is into the ski slope, there are some water beams for the snow slip control. These are loglines very digged. Moreover, the descent slope is very high, like so the speed and the brake discs temperature.

The track is 13km long with 1000m of elevation gain.

Begin of the uphill, high slope and ruined bottom.

During the uphill on ski slope.

The second day would be better.

In the plain close to Gosse restaurant.

Further, the uphill start again on a few maintenance road.

Uphill end part.

No maintenance road, but with no sliping bottom.

Close to first Olbe lake.

Note the slope of the straight line road and of the previous curves, on bottom right.

Olbe big lake, at sunset.

Olbe middle lake, at sunset.

Terza Grande Mount in the middle.


The landscare covers quite all the Friuli Alps.

First day effort has it own meaning.

As written in the intro, the suggested period for the route is automn, with its own advantage and disadvantage.

Night temperature could get lower than zero Celsius degree.

As in the description, there are a few plain places for tent.

Passo del Mulo (Mule Saddle) on the background.

There is a few potable water, instead of the three so close lakes.

In the picture, you see the river of the third lake.