• July 27, 2013

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

Path, direction, suggestion


The route starts in Sella Nevea, a village known for hotels, ski slopes and mountains and landscapes above all: Jôf di Montasio, Terrarossa, Foronòn del Buinz, Jôf Fuart, Canin, Bila Pec peaks.

Just for that, the route drives first on the tarmac road that brings to Piani di Montasio (Montasio plains) from Sella Nevea square. Generally, the road has a quiet development, except two hairpin turns. What turns? If you go there, you'll never forget them. There's a lot of cars in that zone during the weekends: a lot of trails start from Piani del Montasio, easy and hard, from an hut tour to ferrata Ceria Merlone (equipped climbing path). It's suggested to make this route during the week or on Saturday.

Reached the Piani del Montasio park, the road changes from tarmac to dirt, going ahead to Di Brazzà Refuge. This route part is very appreciable for landscape and technical points of view: for panorama, you can see all of the beautiful peaks listed above, technically speaking, the route is solid and well kept, but requires anyway to concentrate and stamina. Recently, two curves bottom had been paved: bad to see, but you'll not cry for this (by bike, climbing).

The descent from the refuge can be done both on dirt road as on the trail, anyway, pay attention to people: as already written, this is a very popular zone. The road is very easy, without problems, the trail instead has some stones, those can be avoided deviating from the trail to the surrounding lawn.

Reached the "4 roads crossline", where you passed going up, you'll turn left, keeping the dirt road that brings to the Cregnedûl Hut/Refuge. The road is a descent-uphill mix, easy to run.

Arrived to the Cregnedûl Hut/Refuge, you'll proceed for a hundred of metres along the road, reaching the 625 trail that brings, turning right, to Sella Nevea village.
In the navigator track, the trail is traveled for about 300 metres, arriving to the dirt road, onto the trail goes on. This choice (to pass from the trail to the road) is due to the trail quality, very technical, bad-kept, high attention required. The trail, actually, arrives to the track starting village, Sella Nevea, but, personally speaking, doing the descent on the dirt road - running fast and without troubles - is much more funnier.
If you want to avoid the initial trail part, inside the navi track, just go straight ahead along dirt road, one hundreds of metres further the Cregnedûl Hut/Refuge.

Going on along the descent on the dirt road, you'll reach a second fork: turning left you'll go ahead on the dirt road, turning right you'll keep the ski slope. The navi track has done on the ski slope.
Pay attention: as in all of the ski slopes, there are the transverses, that's really suggested to avoid! As shown in the track, you go down in left direction just close to the transverse, than you turn right to overpass it.

Both the descents arrive to a square where, in a few minutes, you'll reach the point where the route started. The route is 13km long with 600m of altitude gain; there are no parts of the route that require high technical experience and, in any case, the most difficult parts of the track can be skipped.

Jôf di Montasio and Terrarossa peaks watched by the route starting point, Jôf Fuart mount on the back ground. Well, the landscape seen at the mountains top is really better.

On right bottom you can see the ski slope, the end part of the track.

The begin of the two hairpin turns uphill.

"I take a picture", it's what I said to have time to blow.

At Piani del Montasio park.

In the middle you see the road to Di Brazzà Refuge.

Detail to the road.

The bottom requires concentrate and stamina.

The descent trail from Di Brazzà Refuge.

As you can see in the description, you can run out of the trail.

The second trail.

The descent begin at Cregnedûl Hut/Refuge.

The last part of the 300 metres of trail done and recorded for this webpage.

The wood logs are the "gate".

The road further the trail of the picture above.

The ski slope begin.

I hope you'll find mown grass.

Ya, this is not described in the text above.

This is close to the "Centro base Alpi Giulie" (Base center of Giulie Alps), a swim here would be funny!

Beside this stream there's a very nice waterfall - called Fontanone di Goriuda -, it's like a shower: 10 seconds below it and you're never been so clear in your life!