• July 11, 2015

  • Zone: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Physical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

  • Technical effort: mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

mtb friuli percorsi per bici

Path, direction, suggestion


The uphill to Joanaz Mount is one of the most typical in Friuli - Venezia Giulia region. Increasing elevation you reach a great panorama from the Giulie Alps to the Slovenia peaks, from the Cividale zone - excellent for trekking, mountain bike and food - to the Friuli plain and to the sea.
The slope is not hard, especially compared to other ones close to here, and the descent is a mix of speed, technique and fun.
The track has different choices, described below.

The starting point is in Torreano village. The begin is on tarmac road, with low slope: a good warm up. Out of the village you turn left and so right, keeping the first dirt road, that will drive you up into the woods. Slope is not high, about 7%, with some parts in plain. An 180 degree turn on tarmac and again on dirt road, riding up to the Masarolis village.
So, there are two choices:
- the easiest one is to bike straight on tarmac up to Tàmoris village,
- the second one, included in navigator track, is on a dirt trail. It avoids all the 180 degrees turns, ending at the begin of Tàmoris village. The first part is really hard, bad bottom; the second part, after some meters on the tarmac road, is quiet and can be run by bike with no problems.

You proceed for a few meters on tarmac, turning right on a dirt road, reaching soon the Masarolis Saddle. Some road parts have cement bottom: this is the most slope track part (going up). At the Saddle the landscape is very good, need a break.
After you go down on the North-East side of Joanaz Mount, to connect with a path, that goes up to the mount peak. The trail bottom has stones, sometimes big.

After enjoyed the panorama at the highest point of the track, you start the descent. The first part is on the ridge of Joanaz Mount, where you can run, arriving soon to the Rifugio Monte Joanaz. A few tenth of meters on tarmac to reach the path (T1) where the descent goes on. The begin is on a lawn, could happen that it's hard to see the trail. Soon, you get into the wood, the slope raises as same as the number of stones and jumps. Fast turns bring, an a wild path, to a crossroad, on tarmac.
There, you turn left, on a dirt road again. You go straight for some hundreds of meters, reaching a 180 degrees turn. Second choice:
- the navigator path goes ahead on a dirt road, until a right turn, proceeding on a trail, straight down into the wood. Technical part but funny. Risk of scratch due to the branches. Arrived again on a dirt road, keep left crossing at constant elevation. One more time, turn right on a trail that brings you down to the Torreano village, starting point of the track. Technically hard for the path bottom, stones and branches. Could be that some part can't be done by bike.
- the alternative, much easier, is that at the 180 degrees turn that we have told before (after the hundreds of meters straight, after the crossroad on tarmac) you turn left, proceeding on a dirt road. So, keep the first dirt road on the right, before reaching a tarmac road. This dirt road crosses in descent or in plain all the East side of Noas Mount, arriving to the Ronchis di Torreano village, a few minutes by bike to the staring point.

This track can be done during all the year, apart for snow or rain. When we did this travel (July 2015) the path conditions were not so nice, i.e. some branches were obstructing the descent on trail - this can be always avoided making the second choice track. The track is 27 km long with 1050 m of elevation gain.

Descent from Joanaz Mount.

From the peak to the Rifugio, trails T1 and T2.

Begin at Torreano village.

You will go up on the East side of Noas Mount.

The first dirt road.

There are a lot of cement bottom road parts.

Anyway, the average slope is about 7%.

On the second dirt road.

Small part on cement/tarmac, up to Masarolis village.

First choice part, in between Masarolis and Tàmoris villages.

This is the final part, better than the staring one.

From the Masarolis Saddle.

The ridge of Joanaz Mount, that you will do in descent.

Panorama toward North.

The Natisone Valley with Matajur Mount on the right.

Dirt road, in between the uphill to the saddle and the begin of the descent on the North side of Joanaz Mount.

The trail that is around the North side of Joanaz Mount, to bring you after up to the top.

This is how the path was in July 2015.

Panorama of Friuli plain from Joanaz Mount peak.